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Background image: Still from What Else is There? (2015) James MacLean

In Your Pocket

In Your Pocket is a screening series of short works by queer artists created using smartphones, tablets, and webcams. The project aims to connect contemporary artists with the spirit of early queer creators, who often worked with the accessible technologies of their day including Super 8 film and VHS video.

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Now and Then

Now and Then is a screening and exhibition program inviting artists to explore different archival institutions and create work in response to the histories, narratives, and gaps they discover in these collections.

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Past/Present/Future is a site-specific screening and exhibition series where artists are invited to contemplate the complex histories, present moments, and possible futures of a specific geographic area.

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Screen:Moves is a screening series exploring the medium of dance on film. The program features a diverse range of dance traditions explored through narrative, comedic, animated, and experimental film formats.

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Background image:
Still from My Mind Wanders When You're Looking (2015)
Gein Wong

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